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European Economic Area Permit

Helping EEA nationals to secure UK residency.

The EEA residence permit (known as a UK resident permit in Britain) entitles EEA nationals free movement across the EU allowing them to live and work legally in all EEA member nations.  An EEA residence permit for UK entry is valid for a duration of five years, after which the holder may be entitled to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) under EEA rules.

As an EEA national wanting UK residency, it's important to consult an immigration specialist to help with UK immigration, in order to avoid potential problems. The documents you present must be perfect otherwise you could be refused entry at the UK border. 70% of all UK visa applications are refused due to basic errors so consult an Immigration Lawyer from our network, 50 years' combined experience at your service.

If you have separated from your EEA partner then refer to our Retain Rights of Resident section or call us to legalise your status.

What Our Network Can Offer

Help with a fresh EEA UK residency visa & appeals against EEA UK residency visa.

Every EEA UK residency visa application is different therefore; we offer a unique impartial service.

From your first phone call to the final result, our lawyers will personally deal with every aspect of your case so that both you and the lawyer are ideally prepared for every potential issue the Home Office raises.

You will be given a clear and honest assessment of the merits of your case and exact details of the cost to you – no surprises months down the line.

Why Choose Us?

  • UK Immigration Barristers are market leaders in the UK Immigration industry and have helped over 11'000 clients start their immigration process.
  • Our network of Immigration Lawyers expands across major cities in the UK including: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bradford and Leicester.

How to Apply

To have the best chance in winning your case, complete the on-screen assessment form, answering the simple questions and submitting an enquiry. An Immigration Specialist will call you STRAIGHTAWAY.

Alternatively, call us on 0203 511 2090. Speak to our professional assessment team who will take a few basic details before referring your case to an Immigration Specialist from our exclusive network.

All communication is 100% confidential and secure.

Did you know? 99% of our customers are satisfied with our service based on 140 reviews from external review sites.


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11 Sep

O Kampzaf, Germany.

With all these new rules for immigrants coming to the UK I never thought I'd be allowed to stay in the UK. I really didn't think I'd stand a chance with my residence permit but thankfully I had your service on my side. Great input from the immigration lawyer you recommended and a good end result.